Interaction Designer

Who we are:

The Lighthouse is a joint innovation lab between IDEO and Orbia that develops scalable solutions for systemic global challenges — from food and water security to building sustainable infrastructure.

You’ll join a small and growing team of designers, leading teams and project sponsors through the research process to develop thoughtful and inspiring insights.

Why is this role important?

You’ll bring to life the voice of the user and connect design teams and project sponsors to the human experiences and needs that underlie Orbia’s new ventures (product and service offerings). Working as part of interdisciplinary teams, you will bring your depth of knowledge across a wide range of research approaches, including generative, rapid and nimble iterative loops of prototyping, user feedback, and qualitative and quantitative studies, all to drive human-centered innovation at Orbia.

Once here you will:

  • Develop a unique point of view about the ways digital services and technology can address human needs for food, water, shelter, information, and materials
  • Design a wide range of digital products, services, and experiences; think beyond screen UI
  • Contribute to all parts of the design process in interdisciplinary teams of 3-4 designers from both Orbia and IDEO — including brief-setting, user research, concept development, prototyping, working with developers, and design stewardship
  • Sweat the details of launching and scaling digital products and services by distilling complex, layered user journeys into streamlined workflows and understanding technical and theoretical concepts to create simple solutions for complex actions
  • Connect with real users in the field to get inspired around systemic challenges, articulate user needs, and prototype throughout the design process

The ideal candidate is experienced in human-centered innovation, with particular aptitudes and interest in rapid digital prototyping. As an early member of the lab, versatility and experience in a variety of digital media is valuable, as is the ability and willingness to coach other designers and project sponsors.

Relevant experience and mindset:

  • 5+ years of interaction design experience in a product role at a startup, innovation lab, digital agency, or design consultancy
  • Master’s degree in Interaction Design, Graphic Design, Human-Computer Interaction, New Media, or equivalent work experience
  • Extensive experience with a variety of graphic design and interactive tools such as Illustrator, Sketch, HTML/JS/CSS, InVision, Principle, Framer, and After Effects
  • You’re as passionate about designing elegant user experiences as you are about using human insights as a source of inspiration to solve complex problems
  • You’re a natural systems thinker, solving big, hairy problems by logically visualizing complex systems, user interaction flows, and beautiful interfaces
  • You’re agile, and able to nurture a cohesive product vision and finesse visual designs at a vector or pixel level, if necessary
  • Up to 15-35% domestic and international travel will be required