Ben Appenzeller
Director of Lighthouse

Ben Appenzeller is a designer, business strategist, and entrepreneur; working at the intersection of design, strategy, and data science.

Out of office: Board game enthusiast, Blue hat fashionista, Bocce shark.
Shaun Axani
Software Developer

Shaun Axani is a creative technologist, developer and storyteller. With a film and music background, he explores interactive storytelling, mobile development and physical computing.

Out of office: Music lover, Poutine maker, Tinkerer.
Michelle Tabart
Design Researcher

Michelle Tabart is design researcher that leans into business design and strategy. She uses Design Thinking as her path to drive change in sustainable urbanization.

Out of office: Tarot Reader, Japanophile, AFL fan.
Shivanku Kumar
Interaction Designer

Shivanku is an expert in designing modular interfaces across a wide range of industries & technologies with a focus on delivering a captivating user experience.

Out of office: Tennis player, Long distance runner, Non-fiction lover
Shai Albaranes
VP of Innovation at Orbia

Shai Albaranes leads innovation activities at Orbia. Among those included are Lighthouse, Orbia Ventures, and Startup Partnerships. Shai is an entrepreneur, strategist, startup coach and problem solver.

Out of office: Proud dad, Off-roader, European football enthusiast